Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology & Study in xauat

Application and Enrollment Procedures

1. Application Procedures

1) Individual applicant, foreign colleges, schools or groups can directly contact with CLTCF;

2) Individual applicants can have access to to fill in the International Students (Language Training) Application Form of XAUAT, and submit it to CLTCF of XAUAT on the Internet one month before new semester begins, attaching copy of passport, high school diploma and no criminal record.

3) After application is approved, CLTCF will have Acceptance Letter and International ? Students Visa Application Form ( JW202 Form) mailed to the applicant. The applicant will go through the formalities for visa to China in the Chinese Embassy in their country or region.

2. Enrollment Procedures

1) Bring Acceptance Letter, International Students Visa Application Form (JW202 Form), passport 

(X visa or F visa), 6 two-inch colored photos and Physical Examination Record for Foreigners 

(or Health Certificate) to register at CLTCF. 

2) Residence Permit (RMB400 within one year, RMB800 over one year) is issued by Xi'an Police.

Office and paid by the applicants. Formalities of it can be assisted by CLTCF.

3) Paying the tuition fees and other relevant expenses. 

4) Buying health insurance before registration.

5) Students over 6 people, arriving at Xi'an for the first time, can contact CLTCF for arranging 

airport or train station pick-up service.

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